A full Hotel is a Happy Hotel

Increase your bookings and
start seeing smiles everywhere

Increase your bookings and start seeing smiles everywhere


Navarino Services' growing list of direct connect partners includes the industry's leading global travel sites and Tour Operators, and is continuously updated to include additional sites.

Independent hotels and small chains do not have teams of specialists managing their availability and are usually very busy. It is all too common to see major technology investments fail to deliver because, in the reality of daily life, staff do not always have the time or skill sets to ensure that the technology is properly used to present the right inventory in the right way at the right price.

Update rates and availability to multiple websites in just a few minutes by managing all extranets directly through the CRS. Maintain Rate Parity quickly and easily.

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  • Manage all extranets through one easy-to-use interface
  • Reduce significant labour costs by reducing the time spent managing your channels
  • Avoid "leaving money on the table" by always remembering to yield ALL portals
  • Get a quick overview of all distribution channels on one screen
  • Keep track of all the changes made on all sites
  • Real-time inventory reports from each extranet
  • Update "Sell Rates" and "Net Rates"
  • Update all sites in one currency
  • Control Centre available in 5 different languages.
  • Close all room types on all channels with one click
  • Maintain rate parity by sending the same information to all the channels.

Latest News

Thursday, February 08, 2018

SiteMinder unveils the top 15 revenue-generating hotel booking channels of 2017

Sydney, Australia – The global hotel industry’s leading cloud platform, SiteMinder, today reveals the 15 booking channels that generated the greatest revenue for hotels in key tourism destinations in 2017. The lists are based on the 72 million hotel reservations that passed through SiteMinder’s channel management solution during the year to produce US$21.53 billion in gross revenue for the company’s 28,000 hotel customers. Read More »

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Hotel Blog

Thursday, February 08, 2018

GDS still key for hotel distribution

Research by hotel cloud platform Siteminder reveals that global distribution systems (GDSs) still make up a large part of the global hotel industry’s revenue stream. Read More »

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Booking Tips

Utilise stay restrictions (available for use at rate and room level) to your advantage.  E.g. Your promotional rate could be set up with a minimum stay of 3 nights during August for example, to increase revenue during busy months. Or you can close your cheapest rates during trade fairs so that only your highest rates are available.

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