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We use our experience
in every detail

We use our experience in every detail

Customer Support

Each property is managed by a Customer Support team member. The Customer Support team is available seven days a week to answer questions, handle problems, offer consultancy and advice on best available options, provide both support and excellent practical services to ensure that the system delivers.

Great technology is only half the story as we are focused on delivery of service; too often independent hotels are sold a promise and this is followed up with below average service. We understand that independent hotels are often short of staff, are under time pressure and do not have enough experienced staff to manage these systems. We provide the services as a dedicated member of staff would, focused and knowledgeable, our business objectives are mutually aligned.

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Latest News

Thursday, February 08, 2018

SiteMinder unveils the top 15 revenue-generating hotel booking channels of 2017

Sydney, Australia – The global hotel industry’s leading cloud platform, SiteMinder, today reveals the 15 booking channels that generated the greatest revenue for hotels in key tourism destinations in 2017. The lists are based on the 72 million hotel reservations that passed through SiteMinder’s channel management solution during the year to produce US$21.53 billion in gross revenue for the company’s 28,000 hotel customers. Read More »

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Hotel Blog

Thursday, February 08, 2018

GDS still key for hotel distribution

Research by hotel cloud platform Siteminder reveals that global distribution systems (GDSs) still make up a large part of the global hotel industry’s revenue stream. Read More »

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Booking Tips

Make use of being able to customise cancellation and guarantee policies for each rate. E.g. For setting up advanced booking rates where no cancellations are allowed, and full deposit is taken.

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