GDS Marketing

Navarino offers access to GDS marketing across all GDS platforms.

Advertise directly within the various GDS platforms to promote your hotel to travel agents.

Options include:

  • Sabre – Sign-In, PromoSpots, Spotlight, Hotel UpSell and Online Direct Reference (DRS) system.
  • Galileo – Headlines, Featured Property, EDMs, Brochure Line and Chain Keywords.
  • Worldspan – PrimeSine; Accents; Worldspan Go! Specials, Badge Ads and Advertorials; E-Newsletter.
  • Amadeus – Sign in Messages, Display Messages and Amadeus Information System.

Web Marketing

Navarino’s experienced market leading partners can match your hotels web marketing requirements to the best-suited industry partner.

Navarino Services passionately believes that web marketing requires a dedicated focus from an experienced, specialist company who focus solely on delivering your hotel the best positioning possible.  We recommend hoteliers work with a company who is a “Best of Breed” in delivering web marketing services and has no possible conflict of interest with your booking engine functionality and provider.

We work with select industry partners who can advise and work with your hotel on:

– Keyword Analysis

– Search engine optimisation

– Pay-Per-Click advertising

– ROI Measurement

– Reporting and Analysis of the reporting

Navarino provides an enriched Google Analytics report looking at all aspects of booking engine traffic, e-commerce, mobile platforms, exit pages and bookings by source. We work with your chosen Web Marketing Company to integrate these detailed reports with your Website statistics.

Navarino has partnered with the most popular tracking companies to take it one step further. Java script is placed on specific pages of the Booking Engine that sends important data back to the tracking companies, to give you statistics critical to measuring your ROI. You can learn about actual conversion rates, from where your most valuable bookings are originating, and in some cases, even where someone drops off the booking process.  

Email & Text Marketing

Helping You Get The Most Out of Your Online Reservation System

Marketing campaigns are specifically targeted to the relevant audience and communicated in local language.

  • Marketing opportunities available to our hotel partners include:
  • Travel Agent Email Communications – Communicating News, Promotional Rates, Travel Agent Offers and Competitions
  • Newsletters
  • New Member Communications
  • Individual Hotel Brand E Blasts