With Navarino Services you have access to a multitude of additional tools and services that can make a real difference to your business.


Reporting and Analytics

Analyse and measure every action in every channel with a full range of reporting tools – from simple standardised reports to more robust business intelligence. Understand what actions to take next and optimise your business.

Hotels can receive a significant and broad range of reports that can be delivered to your email address or to a selection of email accounts on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, fitting into your schedule

A sample of some of these reports are shown below.

Express View

A quick view into the Rates, Rooms, and Stay Restrictions that feed your online sales.

Room Rate Distribution Report

Includes average rate, day of week, and length of stay/number of nights.

Channel Production Report

Provides channel information including average rate, cancelled, confirmed and net reservations, length of stay, and revenue.

Revenue Management 

We offer support and guidance on how to;

  • Assess future consumer behaviour under dynamically changing market conditions.
  • Determine the most effective way to price and allocate inventories to reach each and every future consumer.
  • Communicate this data instantaneously to hotel distribution outlets.
  • Serve as a decision-support system for operational functions, such as pricing, reservations and marketing.
  • While information technology is a key part of Revenue Management, it is more important to first establish sound Revenue Management principles and cohesive managerial structures and to abide by them, and then evaluate and invest in decision support tools and systems that will fit into those processes.


For Assistance and Strategic advice on: Rate strategy, both corporate and leisure; Positioning in the market place; Developing travel agent relationships; Maximising returns; Corporate rate loading and RFP’s; Consortia development; please contact us at


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